Documents stolen by indian intelligence and security agencies without a court order

These fraud officials are falsely claiming that the stolen documents belong to the fraud RAW/CBI employees who are impersonating the obc engineer. Realizing that the indian government will not take any action against the openly corrupt intelligence and security agencies, the single woman engineer has started getting a duplicate copy of the stolen documents so that she can access her money in case of an emergency. However getting a duplicate copy of the financial documents in India can be a time consuming process and can be also expensive. For post office savings like national savings certificate and kisan vikas patra the process can be extremely time consuming , and the documentation is not clear.

Since intelligence and security agencies are extremely powerful bank staff will often believe their lies that the stolen documents belong to their fraud relatives and friends, making it more difficult to get duplicate copies issued. The single woman engineer had to make numerous trips to the bank to get a single FD receipt reissued. Though the intelligence and security agencies stole the savings of the obc engineer while travelling, the documents can be stolen at home also as the intelligence agencies have a master key and can enter anyones house, to steal the savings. It is extremely simple to steal anything from a person who is under surveillance for a long period of time.

The single woman engineer had worked very hard for more than twenty years to save some money for her old age, financial and medical emergencies, and now finds that her savings are stolen by intelligence and security agencies without a court order or legally valid reason, who cannot be identified or held accountable. If these agencies had given her a notice, she could atleast defend herself legally. It appears that after 6 years, these incompetent, careless officials have no proof against her, so they are not giving a notice yet remain unpunished for their theft, and do not have to compensate her for the loss of interest, money, time wasted and mental trauma caused by the theft of documents.