Gold preferred asset for corrupt officials

Corrupt government employees are aware of the fact that all their financial assets linked to their bank account, can be easily tracked so they are smart enough to invest all their bribe money in gold and similar assets which cannot be easily traced . The government employees usually have an arrangement with a goldsmith who will supply gold on payment of cash , and this gold is usually stashed away safely in the bank locker or other location which cannot be easily traced. It is almost impossible for the government to trace the gold and jewelry stashed by powerful officials as there is no record available.
Only in case of financial emergency the government employees are using the gold they have stashed away as bribe money , liquidating it to get cash or pay for any work or item in kind. The gold stashed away is also used as dowry for daughters in the family of the government employees who are being married off, as large dowries in the form of gold, improve the marriage prospects of the daughters especially in states like goa.